Wednesday, December 23, 2009

5 Popular Toys for Men in 2009

The mean machine is ready to hit the track, with the most popular wheels men loved in 2009. Take your pick now.

Honda Odyssey: Its complete redesign is due next year. but Honda Odyssey is definitely a flavor in the minivan segment.

Toyota Sienna: It's the favorite choice of larger families with its impressive features. Space is taken care while focusing on comfortability.

Jeep Wrangler: Talk about heritage and image, Jeep Wrangler promised off-road abilities with full efficiency although its power could not beat other SUVs.

Honda Civic: Already a star in the small-car segment, Honda Civic is smartly designed and offers some of the best deals in configuration.

Audi A4 The best, as I like to say, is definitely the redesigned Audi A4 Sedan and Avant wagon boasting sufficiency in space, gadgets and better driving stylistics.

Check out the latest entries in the luxury, comfortable and small car segments for the coming year. Meanwhile, wish you a happy Christmas and a wonderful new year. Drive safe.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

NBA 2K9 Tips for You

NBA rules. Fans of the undisputed NBA basketball always have the right reason to celebrate. The NBA 2K series features NBA 2K9, which is a premier basketball PC game delivering you the most realistic and feature-rich NBA experience. This is the first Windows release of the NBA 2K series. From gameplay to graphics, and presentation to features, the PC game is quite intriguing and popular in the video game fraternity. The basketball action game becomes quite fun when you get to experience true-to-life crowd reactions and celebration sequences. All you need to know is the defensive strategies and control tips to earn more points as well as more acclaims from the audience by winning the game. Following are some of the useful tips that help you score higher in NBA 2K9 and be a winner.

Defensive strategies
Getting more score is not so difficult in NBA 2K9. But it requires players to devise a strong defense. Before the start of each game, it is important for you to do a little study on your team and assign your best defenders to the best scorers of the opposition. You need to set defensive pressure on each player as well as set matchups for higher rated players so that your defender can easily build up pressure on the oppotion players. There are various defensive pressure and matchup settings in the PC game. For instance, if you set your matchup to Tight, your defender will close out all the way to his man once he gets the ball. When you set your pressure to Sag Off, your man will stay in front of the ball as long as possible, thus challenging the opposition to take the outside shot. Again, if you set your matchup pressure to Deny Ball, it will keep your teammates attempt to stop a player from even seeing the ball. This is relevant for guarding players with high outside or mid range driving ability.

It is important for you to know your players well before building any strategic plan for the game. Because, the defense skills will only be effectively prepared for players when the strengths and weaknesses of the players are recognized well and worked upon. Note that you need to play to the strength of every individual player as well as of the entire team. Players may find it a common temptation to block very single shot as it is an important part of defense. However, stay alerted and try not to abuse it. Sometimes, you may get called for a foul; you may also get caught completely out of position.

Smart play is the most required strategy for playing safe and strong in NBA 2K9. Once you are clear about the defensive pressure and matchhup settings, it becomes easier for you to pull them all together in order to play to your team's strengths as well as the opposition's weaknesses. Besides, you need to go through the tutorial
mode of NBA 2K9 to know more about these settings.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Cool iPhone Games for You

iPhone is getting bigger and more popular with its cool applicaitons and games. Indeed, the games make the iPhone a great multifuntional device. Here are some cool iPhone games for you. Check them out.

You can keep your own pocketsize Geisha and watch her do the graceful moves on your iPhone. The iPhone game is amazing when it comes to the beauty and elegance of the Geisha. Its useful features make the game more popular among those who are interested in learning the sophisticated Geisha dance. Pay just $1 and get your Geisha from iTunes Store.

Engage yourself in exciting totem-building puzzle action. Totomi offers you different game modes - which is interesting enough to make a great puzzle game on your iPhone. It makes you think more to become a master in solving puzzle games. $4.99 for such an interesting puzzle game won't be a bad bargain.

Maybe a little less money on iPhone game can also win you exciting game options. Gemmed is a nice buy at $2.99. The game has 50 levels that offer challenging as well as interesting gameplay. With a great interactive environment, Gemmed provides more than just a puzzle game.

Explore these iPhone games and you will become an addictive in iPhone gaming. Good going for you!